Our Work

Our Clients

While we work with companies of all sizes, our best fit is with startups and mid stage companies who are looking to scale in order to hit milestones. Many of our clients are part of the Y Combinator network such as Truebill.com, Pluot.co, and Beek.io.

Code Samples

We’ll happily invite you to our Github code sharing repository, where we have React Native, React.js, and Node.js code samples we can share with you. Email gabe@g2idev.com if you would like an invite.

React Native / Relay


Download: iOS / Android

Truebill allows you to keep track of all your subscriptions and cancel them easily. Using a combination of React Native and Relay, we were tasked with launching the Truebill iOS and Android application with a combination of React Native and web views, allowing them flexibility as their web based dashboard changes.



Download: iOS / Android

Minder is the largest dating app for Muslims with 100,000 + users. We helped Minder launch the Android version of their React Native app, moved them from Reflux to Redux, and improved security. Currently our developer works in partnership with Minder's CTO to add features and fix bugs for iOS and Android.


Download: iOS / Android

Beek.io is a web app for Spanish speaking book lovers. We built the Beek.io Android app using React Native and Relay in 45 days with a team of three developers. The app currently has 190 five star ratings in the Google Play store. Later, we launched the iOS version of the application.



Download: Currently in Closed Alpha

kNUX is an app centered around creating and sharing videos of interesting challenges and inviting your friends to join in. G2i's developer currently works daily with kNUX's CTO to continue to refactor the React Native and Redux codebase, implement new features, and track down bugs.


React.js / GraphQL / Node.js


Pluot is a unique video conferencing solution that allows you to do large screen video conferencing for $50 per month. G2i developers work with the founders at Pluot on a daily basis to fix issues and add features to their customer facing website and core product that are built in large part with React.js & Redux.



MailMunch is designed to capture leads from a website and convert visitors into life-long readers, email subscribers and customers. G2i's developer worked on a daily basis with MailMunch's CTO to refactor email capture widgets using React.js and Redux.



Bonfire specializes in Sitecore development and heavily uses React.js on the front end. G2i partnered with Bonfire to help them meet milestones. G2i's developer worked with the Bonfire team on a daily basis with React.js and Redux on customer facing e-commerce websites.


Truebill allows you to keep track of all your subscriptions and cancel them easily. G2i developers partnered with the CTO of Truebill to launch a redesign of the customer facing website and on boarding flow/dashboard built with React.js while they were participating in Y Combinator Winter 2016.



Terrafarm is a resource-base collaboration app that allows farms and other similar organizations to shared resources better. G2i's developers paired with Terrafarm's founder to assist with a PostgreSQL database schema and a plan for authentication and integration with the current GraphQL API.



We partnered with the Balkan Brothers to develop a dashboard for Statcam to help them monitor and analyze their sales data at their brick and mortar locations using React.js

Other Frameworks

Resolute Dashboard

ResoluteMD is an anesthesia and pain company with 7 locations and over 300 employees that needed to organize all their files, contacts, announcements, and events into a central place. This was fully responsive dashboard was developed using Angular.js, yii2 , Pubnub, Mandrill, and Twilio.

ITA Dashboard

We partnered with IT Advisors to develop a dashboard that allowed them to save save all their client's technical data, contact information, HIPAA reports. We used Angular.jsyii2 , Pubnub, & Textbox.io.