We provide developers and small teams of developers that can integrate with your team full time. We love and support the React.js and React Native community and our primary focus is on providing engineers experienced with React & React Native (and native Android/iOS). Many of our engineers are fullstack with Node or Rails experience and some with production GraphQL experience as well. 

Trial Period

No matter how good an interview goes, it's really hard to know what it will be like to work with a developer, without actually working with them. We offer up to 40 hours of work done in a "trial period." During this trial period, if you are not happy with performance or communication, we'll gladly refund half of the hours worked. This allows for some security when working with a new developer from our team.

What We Offer

Contractors - Remote

We provide remote contractors who can become part of your team remotely for 1-6 months. We have engineers in North America, South America and Europe. You'll receive profiles complete with code samples, code reviews, and technical interview notes of each engineer before you interview them.

Direct Hire - Onsite

We work with companies from 1 million to 1 billion in valuation to match them with React & React Native engineers in major cities in the US. We do the technical vetting up front so you don't have to and perform React/React Native specific code challenges and tech interviews.

How We Work


This is the hub of all communications with our developers. We can't live without slack for remote work. You'll be able to reach your developer during work hours and can jump on video calls as needed.


Some of our clients prefer daily standups while others prefer standups 1-2 times per week. We use a combination of Google Hangouts and Skype but our favorite video call platform is Pluot.co.

Project Management Software

We prefer to use the Github project tab that connects with Github issues for project management but we also like Pivotal Tracker. Ultimately, we'll jump on whatever project management software you feel comfortable with.

Weekly Check ins

During the first two weeks of the engagement we'll check in with you regularly to see how performance and communication is going with your developer. We also monitor slack regularly to make sure our devs are responsive.

Checking Developer Hours

We'll set you up with a client dashboard hosted on pastel.io which allows you to see the hours that your developers has worked and descriptions of what work was performed.

Sample Contracts

Here are a few sample contracts so you know what to expect. We are happy to revise contracts based on your needs. We’re flexible. We also have a standard NDA that we are more than happy to sign in order to discuss your project or begin work.

Statement of Work (SOW)

Covers the scope of our working relationship in plain English.  View Here →

Master Services Agreement (MSA)

Covers all the legal details from ownership to warranties. View Here →

Sample Team

Pradeep Keshary - React.js Developer
Columbus, Ohio

Pradeep is one of our developers with extensive React.js experience. He's has worked with the framework for over 2 years and has been working with JS for 6 years now. He is also a published React Native developer and has a strong interest in data science.

Mikhail Novikov - React.js/GraphQL Developer
Helsinki, Finland

Mikhail is a full stack JS developer who co-authored Reindex.io and has extensive GraphQL experience. He is also a React.js expert and is proficient in anything that is part of the "Facebook technology stack." He has been coding for 8 years.


Gabe Greenberg - Founder
Delray Beach, Florida

Gabe founded G2i in 2012. What began as a front end development and UI/UX shop eventually transformed into a full stack development agency that specializes in connecting React.js developers to clients remotely. Gabe is a passionate follower of Jesus and hopes that is reflected in G2i.

Brandon Konkle - Hiring Manager
Boulder, Colorado

Brandon is a senior javascript developer who also happens to be a really good judge of talent. He spends the majority of his time with React/React Native/Node.js projects with everyone else being dedicated to technical interviews and code challenges.